CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHTS » January 19, 2020

Books for the Bodack Boys

Meagan Pollock, PhD

Sam and Ben Bodack are some of the best dive buddies I’ve ever had! It might surprise you that they are 10 and 12 years old, and they were working on their certification with their dad, Mike, over the Christmas holiday in the Dominican Republic. 

On my last day of diving, it was just the four of us, plus our dive guide Eddy in a small boat for a couple of dives near the resort. With a mysterious leak in my camera casing, I decided to use my free hands and focus on lionfish culling. The boys were very helpful in the hunt and had tons of intelligent questions on the surface. 

I was so impressed with these two little divers. They were conscientious, careful, knowledgeable, and excellent buddies. As I trailed the group, the boys kept looking back and throwing an okay hand signal to check on me. Top-side, I tried to sell them on a future career in environmental engineering and conservation, and they got a thrill out of the lionfish hunt.

As new divers, the boys needed dive logs! The logbooks provided by the shop didn’t have simple checklists and room for notes and stamps like mine. Since they liked my log, I wanted to make them custom dive logs that they can use to log their first 100 diving adventures. 

Using their favorite marine animals, I designed covers that I hope they will love. 

Want to customize a dive log for your favorite diver? Get started, and let us know how we can help!

Dive Logs for the Bodack Boys
Dive Logs for the Bodack Boys