Do you want free custom dive logs or cash for your next dive trip?

Of course you do. Our Affiliates earn:

Free Custom Dive Logs

When your referrals total 6000 dive logs sold, you'll receive 1000 custom level 4 dive log books for free. This is a $4600 value!


10% Cash Commission

For every order placed using your referral code, you'll receive a 10% commission from the sale. Two Level 4 sales would earn you over $800!

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Hi! I’m a Custom Dive Logs Affiliate. 

Who joins?

Dive Clubs

Earn money to support your dive club activities, or custom logs to help you increase brand awareness.

Dive Shops

Dive shop owners tend to know lots of other dive shop owners. Use our affiliate program to help you earn free custom dive logs to sell in your store for increased revenue or to give to customers who complete courses.

Side Hustlers

Look, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. If you are a well-networked diver that wants extra money, then our affiliate program is just right for you.

Why Join?

Choose how you earn

Which path best helps you reach your goals? Earn Free Custom Dive Logs or 10% cash commission.

Provide a unique offer to your network​

By sharing your 10% discount referral code, you are providing value to your network.

Market your club, shop, or business on our website

We'd like to add you to our website as a partner, which can drive traffic back to you and expand your brand awareness. We may also feature you in blogs and social media posts.

How it Works


Complete the application on this page, selecting your preferred earning path: free dive logs or cash commission. We'll follow up with you to verify you are human and ensure that you will make a good buddy (aka affiliate).


Once you receive your unique referral code, share it with your network. Since the referral code includes a 10% discount, you'll have an easy time getting orders. In addition, we'll share with you our logo and some marketing tools to help you along the way.

Earn the way you want

We'll let you know when someone made an order using your referral code. Depending on your preferred earning path, we'll either send you monthly reports on progress, or send you a monthly payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The program is free to join. You earn when your referrals make purchases using your unique referral code. 

We will mail you a check monthly. If you prefer a digital  transfer, we can use Paypal (fees apply). 

As an affiliate marketer, you are paid as a “1099 Contractor” for tax purposes. Once verified, you must complete an IRS Form W-9.  If the amount earned is $600 or more for the year, you will receive a 1099-MISC in January. 

If you choose the path of earning free dive logs, but have not met the 6000 sold logs goal after 6 months, you have the option of switching to a cash commission payout. If you choose the path of cash commissions, you can switch before payment is received for referrals.

Earning free dive logs does not include shipping. Depending on where you are located, we can negotiate a trade for additional referrals in lieu of charging shipping costs.

We will both sign a Memorandum of Understanding that lays out the terms and conditions of our mutually beneficial agreement. 

If you plan to be a returning customer, you can use the affiliate program like a sort of “stamp card” to earn 1000 free logs after purchasing 6000, with a 10% discount along the way. You can’t however use the affiliate program to get a 10% discount and then 10% cash back.

You can’t use the affiliate program to get a 10% discount and then 10% cash back, but you can use the 10% if you are on the pathway to earn free custom dive logs. 

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